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The Children’s Global Geula Gathering is a Jewish Unity campaign bringing together Jewish children from all backgrounds for the purpose of bringing the Geula (Redemption) through Torah,  Tefilah (prayer) and Tzedaka (charity) emulating what Mordechai did in the Purim story bringing the salvation.

Our goal is to gather over 22,000 children the number Morchai gathered, all throughout the time beginning a little before Purim until after Pesach.
March 19th till April 26th.
The two official dates that we are gathering are at
March 19th and April 1.

Ages: Preschool through Bar/Bas Mitzvah age.


1)Gather together the children informing them that they are part of this global unity campaign with children worldwide to bring Moshaich the same way Mordchai did in his time.

2) A) learning / saying pesukim of Torah and
B)davening for the Geula.
C) giving tzedka ( unless it is shabbos or a holiday)
-Enhance your gathering with singing, dancing, and more. CGG will provide an outline, a video as well as other ideas and material you can use.

3)Report your gathering at Sighn up as soon as you have a date set up.)

Have the children’s voices be expressed by having them answer the question:
“Why are you excited about the Geula? “
and submitting it to our website.

Here is what is happening:

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-This is like a fundraising campaign. We want to have as many gatherings as possible throughout this time.
-One does not need to be an offical school or childrens program to create a gathering. A gathering could even consist of a few childen that decide to create a gather on thier own.
-Each gathering will be listed iyh on our website and most will be listed on the video.

Many great rabbis are endorsing this great campaign including:
Rav Chaim Kanievsky, Rav Asher Weiss, Rabbi Wolf and many more growing by the day.

Our sages tell us that it is the children who will bring Moshaich. Unity is another key factor. Let’s grab this opportunity to unite Jewish children to bring Geula!

As emphasized by the Chofetz Chaim and the Lubavitcher Rebbe we all must demand of Hashem letting him know that truly, We Want Moshiach Now!

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