Children are called

Their inner spark of Moshiach is revealed!

They can reveal Moshiach in the world!

”Al Tigu BeMeshichai!”

📣 Join the newly upgraded

Children’s Moshiach Rally in honor of:
🎺Yud Beis/Gimmel Tammuz🎼


😂 A rally is weaved with humor, music, and tochen.


 The video was shown
with a great response
and 1.4 thousand views!



The Childrens Geula Gathering created
a new youtube channel for our videos.

We have upgraded this video
(now viewable on our channel)
for all of us to join together again
to farbreng on this geula’dik day!

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Brought to you by,
Bemeshichai, the Chabad branch of the Children’s Geula Gathering
Moshiach Now!