You know, I always say about tichel tying, its just variations on a theme. All the different styles are really very similar. So what makes a tichel look awesome on some people and just pretty on others?

 3 elements

1. Understanding your face shape. A woman with an angular face will need something different in terms of height or bulk, then a woman with a rounded face. I must say, I don’t have this down to a science. When I’m with someone, I look at them and get a feel of it.

One mistake that’s really common though, is not adding enough height. If you’re petite, you don’t want a tichel that dwarfs you, but in general, wearing one thin layer on your head isn’t flattering.  It may be convenient, like the pre-tied’s but its not usually the best look

2. Understanding  your energy. Are you water, fire, air or earth? (curious- ask me? and I”ll  explain more in a diff post) Your tichel looks best when it matches your energy.

Are you water? More fluid, sensitive, on the quieter side? You’d look particularly great with some ribbons hanging down.

Are you earth? More concrete, a perfectionist, a more private person? You’d look great with one gorgeous tichel on (vs layering on textures and fabrics – thsts more a fire element, you need something more smooth and classic)

3. Color. Along with your energy comes certain colors.

Air – brights.

Water – muted tones.

Fire- textures, vibrant colors

Earth -intense, classic hues.

Note – most of this I learned this through energy profiling  -they’re not my own insights

Don’t just throw it on, wear it with pride.

Q. If tichels are all about modesty, why are all my videos about beauty?

A.    In Judaism, we believe that everything serves a higher purpose and that spirituality is about channeling. So how do we channel feminine beauty?  We use it as a vehicle to represent our modesty, our inner beauty.

My neice’s teacher said it best,“You can’t be beautiful and HOT at the same time”

WOW, let that sink in……!

Thats the kind of beauty we’re aiming for. Its  our inner beauty. We’re creations of Hashem, when we take care of the King’s creations, we bring honor to the King – like the one who cleans the palace or dresses the king’s children. It all reflects on the King.

So have fun , enjoy your tichels and let me know if I can help you with any other tichel related info.