♦New resources for CGG chabad style mostly

? Tzedaka coins:
To have nickels donates to your school for the Children to give out. +1 (845) 671-9003

? Offical children’s Geula Gathering video!

Make your Seder into a Geula Gathering!
Print out some learning material below. Have every person at your Seder read one point and discuss when everyone is eating by shluchan aruch.

? Teachings of tzadikim and gedolim about Moshaich

? 10 facts about Moshiach
( You can print for your Seder and have very person reach one and discuss.)

?12th principle of faith pamphlet.

? educational fun vidoe for more mature kids

? it’s gonna be the little Kinderlach audio

?amazing pesach niggun

? 8th day take us home concert.

? Story of boy dreaming of Moshaich – audio only

? song by Yitzi Walder and Benny Friedman about a child’s love for thier Rebbe. https://613tube.com/watch/?v=rRS9YfhGE74

? Shlomo Katz song about children.

? Recording of live broadcast inter school hook up featuring: Rivka Malka, Chanale and JGU.

? Tamborine bracelets:
Dance idea: you can have a special time each week, perhaps Friday, where you make a Geula Gathering circle dance and wear the bracelets.

? Moshaich birthday cake!

? Tamborine cake

Chabad style:
?My Maor Moshiach series ( they have tons of Moshaich Cartoons. See online)

?my maor. Mordechai gathering the children.

?Children are guarantors

?Miracles in bais Hamikdash


?Mymaor – children being careful with Torah bring moshaich.

? Amazing Tzivos Hashem music vidoe about children.