Right before Yom Kippur, while families were just beginning their before the fast meal, my nieghbor, Jay Meyers, got into a car accident. His car flipped over and stayed that way while rescue crews worked to extricate him. People gathered around. At our table we heard news of the crash too. No one even knew  who was in the car – it was so mangled.

Whoever it was , we prayed for them and when we heard it was Jay, we prayed with even more intensity. Shuls all around the community said special prayers for him. He was in the hospital and no one knew what the prognosis would be.

One week later, I’m getting into the car and who do i see? Jay, and his wife, walking down the street. It was like a dream! I couldn’t believe my eyes! It felt like an illusion but it was true. Jay, had gotten out with barely a scratch. Despite the fact that it took Jaws of Life to remove him from his smashed car, Jay was whole.

Their gratitude was overflowing. Before Shabbos he wrote a beautiful expression of his feelings. I’ll share it with you later in the week.

A few weeks later, he wrote this. Gratitude for parnassah – for our jobs. And his words go for any job, an office job, a home based job, or the job of taking care of our families. I’m not a paper keeper, but these two writing I’ve kept. (edited  slightly for the wider audience)

Gratitude by Jay Meyers

Thank you Hashem for your generous expression of love. Thank you Hashem for always sending us a way to make a living. It may not be the most exciting job, intellectual or even stimulating. every day 8-10 hours. It may cause us to deal with people who we do not enjoy being around, or who have no respect for us or for others. this test is sometimes very difficult. We all want the most perfect environment to make a living and we want the most pay for our work.

So what should we do? Should we stress about our job every morning on our way to work? If Hashem gave us this job then maybe it is right for us and a little tweaking is in order. We could possibly look for another job – but still, make the best of where you currently are.

What are you like when you are at work? Happy – frustrated isolated? Do you communicate well with your peers or other employees? How do others perceive you? Are the stereotypes correct or are you changing them?

It’s very hard to be happy all the time, especially when your heart is not in it.Think about the saying, “if you smile at someone, then a smile is returned to you.” Our job is to glorify G-d’s Name, wherever we are. Many times we are held to a higher standard. “We should know better,” people think.

Examine your circumstances.   Are you extending a simple hello? How do people see you? Are people going out of their way to say good morning or ask how you are? Are you approachable? Try hard each and every day. Be on time, look presentable, have confidence in yourself. Learn your job and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Making a living is a great mitzvah. Thank you Hashem for allowing us to have a place to go each day. Thank you Hashem for work, which is in fact healthy for us. It is our job to make our jobs calm and relaxing.

Enjoy your work, get to know the people you work with. At the end of the day,leave work at the office and come home to your blessings. Feel the effort that you spent during the day and know that you did it, not just for your employer, but for yourself. Hashem helps those who help themselves. Thank you Hashem for always taking care of us.