A few months ago, I was sitting on the couch with my older sister, Chana Ita, and she says “Rif, you’re here” and she gestures with her hands, kind of belly level. “But you could be here” and she gestures about a foot higher.

What the heck did she mean? I felt a brewing of panic and excitement. I think my mouth actually became dry.

I wanted to hear more and I was scared to hear more.

Do you know what happens when you go to the Next World? A simple and profound and earthshaking, mind blowing experience.

You’re shown the person you were meant to become. You’re given an HD version of YOU if you’d used all your potential, all your gifts, all your self discipline to become who you really are.

I have an uncle, who’s an  extraordinary man. When he was in his twenties he got a job in  a beginners yeshiva for guys growing in their Jewish observance.

He was a star! The guys loved him! His energy and fun made him the number one mentor around there. People would literally wait in line for a chance to speak with him, learn from him.

One day , his Rebbe, who loved him very much said to him.” If you stay here, this is all you’ll ever be. Being a great guy, riding on sweetness and charisma. But you may never find out who you could really have been. If you want to grow, go somewhere that challenges you.”

Leaving was unthinkable. He was tailor made for the job!

He left anyway. There were others who could be good guys. but his Rebbe, who knew him inside and out, knew that there was more in him then that.

He left behind the comfort of being validated a hundred times a day. He left behind behind the comfort of being at the head of the pack. He left behind easy street and crossed over to embrace the Giant of a man he would one day become.

So when my sister said I could do more – I knew she was right. G-d was speaking to me through her, prodding me to go to where I needed to be.

Its so easy to see potential in other people. We know  that if  she would just start to eat healthier her energy would improve and if he would stop being stubborn and just ask some advice, his business could soar.

Notice how you already have the prescription all written out for what  they need to tweak so that their life can be amazing. Now be that other guy – and look at yourself. Be your own observer and and write your own prescription. What do you need to do to live your destiny?

These videos and this website are some of the steps I”m taking to leave my comfort zone  and stretch into something new. Its part of what I’ve gotta do to grow.

You’re already beautiful, so don’t be scared to ask;  who do I want to see in The Great Mirror?