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Rabbi Moshe Wienberger

Presiding Rabbi of the Geula Gathering Event

Of course Hashem, Hs’Barchu, wants this, he has been wanting this for thousands of years. And he is excited about what is happening and there are going to be much bigger obstacles then these that are going to be overcome. Ashreinu, that we should all be able to have a chelek [part], a huge chelek in what’s happening. I am 100% convinced that this mamash ohros l’Mashiach [really the light of Mashiach]. We should not be in any way discouraged by anything that we hear, like that it’s not strong or it’s not time- Kadema [forward]!

Rabbi Reuven Feinstein

Son of Rabbi Moshe Feinstein

“It is with great pleasure that I give a bracha to the nashim [women] who are uniting their efforts to bring nachas [pleasure] to Hashem with Geula Gatherings. These tefillos [prayers] for Geula [Redemption] from the pure yearning hearts of the Nashim are invaluable to Klal Yisroel and I give them a bracha for hatzlocha [success] in their endeavors.”

Rabbi Avraham Sutton

May Hashem bless this worldwide gathering of Jewish women—of Esthers, Sarahs, Rivkas, Leahs, Rachels, Devorahs, Chanahs, Chavahs, Miriams, Ruths, Brachas, Avigails, Elishevas, Batshevas, Malkas, and all other women who are living embodiments of the great imahot [mothers] of Klal Yisrael. May you women (and we men, and all of us) dedicate ourselves fully to Hashem, to Hashem’s purposes, to serve Him by aligning ourselves with His will. May we join with King David, the once and future king, in his great desire for closeness to Hashem, the true reason for wanting to bring the geulah: “Nafshi laShem mi’shomrim la’boker shomrim la’boker—my soul [yearns] for Hashem more than watchmen [of the night yearn] for the morning dawn; more than those who watch [throughout the night vigil of this world yearn] for the dawn [of
redemption]” (Psalm 130:6).
Avraham Sutton

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu of Tzfat

The Lubavitcher Rebbe said, that in our generation and in our time, according to all the signs of Chazal, We are living in the actual phase of Mashiach. But people, like in the exodus from Egypt, don’t have the eyes to see geula. They wanted to go back to Mitzraim [Egypt], back to the eigel [Golden Calf], they didn’t see. It took 40 years of exile in the desert for them to be able to open their eyes. Like the verse says: “Hashem has given to you a heart to know,eyes to see and ears to listen, up to this day.” Hashem could open our eyes and [we] go into the land- we would go through the galut [diaspora] for 40 years and then go into our land. The Rebbe says, in our times what do we have to merit the Mashiach in our time? The only thing missing in our time is to open our eyes, ears and hearts to see how Hashem will take us on the wings of eagles to Him. Hashem is holding us in an eternal embrace with ahavat olam, the love of the world. He’s advancing the world to enable it to become full of the knowledge of Hashem. Hashem should raise us higher and higher to be able to attain the geula. Hashem should bring us “to the day when the land is full of the knowledge of Hashem, just as the water covers the sea.” Ashreichem, fortunate are you [meaning us] who are gathering all over the world in order to awaken geula, to open eyes. Hashem is blessing us, we need to bring ourselves up and up to bring the Geula, Amen!

Rav Doniel Katz, Jerusalem

Emunah in the coming geula is more than just a belief in its happening. Emunah actually has a causative effect that draws it into happening. Especially when that idea is not just a belief in our head, but one brought down into our hearts, souls and bodies through the power of song and dance. In some ways, emunah expressed in song and dance is the highest form of prayer (shira is gematria tefillah) — especially when so many come together with the amplifying force of hiskashrus (binding their hearts and minds as one — k’ish echad, b’lev echad) in the name of peace and love. Chazal and the tzaddikim have told us that Moshiach will come in the merit of women. This is because the women of Klal Yisrael are the heart of Klal Yisrael, and Rachmana Liba ba’ei — the main thing Hashem desires from us is our heart. Tatty, Tatty, on the day of this great gathering, please hear their song as our song, see their dance as our dance, receive their prayers as our prayers. May this be a truly great geula gathering that jumpstarts in all our hearts, and the Eibishter’s too, the deepest desire to finally end this longest and darkest of exiles and bring us all home. Tatty, Tatty, may now be the moment – bring your kinderlach home.


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