Tichel pin orders have been coming in and I’ve been reallyexcited to get started!  My daughter, Minky, is so creative, I knew she’d love this project.

Well, two things happened.

1. I had thought I would “let her help me.” It turns out that she’s a better artist then I am! And though I supervised, she basically made them  herself! When I tried to work on one, I was so messy that  my fingers kept getting glued to each other!

2. There’s no such thing as “a little arts and crafts.” Once you’re in, you’re in! So our little project took over 2 hours and nothing else got done. Housework and web work sat waiting and bedtime was past 11:00 for some very tired kids!

And I didn’t mind a bit. This is the kind of mess, I’m happy I chose.

I don’t choose it often enough! 

Angela Morales  and Elan Karan enjoy your tichel pins! Rosie Braunstein, in the hospital now, Minky made a pin just for you! Refua Shelaima!

Tonight, I want to say

Thank you G-d, for giving me the willingness to stop moving so fast and to enjoy life’s precious moments.

Thank you for the colors that you lavish upon us!

Thank you for the thrill of creatiivity.

Thank you for quiet moments.

Thank you for fun!

Thank you for the look of  pride and happiness on my daughters face!

Don’t forget my friends, to put a little art in your day. It’s a gift that’s waiting for you! Dress up, play with earrings, arrange some flowers, buy a beautiful card or paint the living room! This is life! And you are living! 


we added more tulle afterwards